Cup-hilt Rapier

  • Dated: mid-17th century
  • Culture: Spanish
  • Measurements: overall length 97 cm

Featuring an oval pommel and beaded knucklebow, the cup of the hilt features a rolled rim. The blade is forged with undulating edges in flamberge style, with central ridge and short, deep fullers to forte. The blade is marked, "FRANCISCO / RUIZ IN TOLEDO", together with the Solingen Running Wolf mark on either side.

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Characteristic of dying regimes: to permit a confused mixture of beliefs and doctrines, and to give the illusion, at the same time, that the moment of choice can be indefinitely postponed …
— Emil Cioran, The Trouble With Being Born (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

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Gold bracelet in the form of a coiled snake

Roman, 1st Century A.D.

Excavated at Pompeii, Campania, Italy 

British Museum